About us.

ITWC USA Corp, is a company formed in January 2003 by a group of entrepreneurs, to provide technology solutions into the different markets. Initially as a provider of Hardware and Software with a full service, Pre-Sales, maintenance and technical support Post-sale, to know the needs of our customers to solve the problem quickly and efficiently.

With the revolution of the technology in 2006 ITWC USA Corp is expanded international and started operation in the USA and Europe, with offices in Miami, Florida and Madrid, Spain as a provider of remote developer teams that currently is one of our main line of business.

The result of this expansion currently has offices in El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, Colombia, Spain, USA and our more recent branch in London from 2016.

Our international HQ is based in London from 2017.

Our Vision.

To provide Business Solutions and IT strategy with the best technology.

Our Mision.

Being a company aimed at providing comprehensive business solutions with implementing IT solutions, with in-house or remote teams through new technologies supported by globally recognised brands.